Welcome To Institute of Arabic Language Islamabad, Pakistan

Institute of Arabic language Islamabad is a diehard peculiar entity for the progress and publishing of Qur’an and Arabic language (which is the favourite language of Prophet Muhammad PBUH) in our country Pakistan for the last thirty years, whose name is its message and mission. This institute is a national organization which is established on purely social and non-profit basis and it is devoid of any sectarianism and community prejudice, which is peculiar for the progress and dissemination of Arabic language at every tier of society in our beloved country.

Selfless love and perpetual hard work for the Arabic language is the best investment of the teachers, employees and male and female students belonging to the Institute of Arabic language. One of the reasons for this love and hard work for this institute is the teachings of its founder, Maulana Muhammad Bashir, while the second reason is faith of every member of this institute that the Arabic language is the best and clear way out for understanding of correct Islamic faith and teachings in this era of sectarianism and perennially beset chaos. If colonialism has deep impact on the inhabitants of this region then why cannot we build a connection of every Muslim with Qur’an Kareem with the help of Arabic language!!